Frequently Asked Questions

Question: This is new to me, what if I am not sure what is best?

Answer: In an industry with a multitude of options that can often be confusing, our paramount objective is to empower you with the education and information necessary to make informed
decisions and move forward productively, ensuring a seamless and confident experience.

Question: How do I order?

Answer: Our members enjoy the flexibility of placing orders conveniently through multiple channels. Whether it’s online via our user-friendly website on their computer, mobile phone, or tablet, or through a simple phone call to our dedicated service line by calling 602-419-5798, we strive to accommodate your preferences for a seamless ordering experience.

Question: Do I need an account to order online?

Answer: Yes, you will need to set up an account to order online.

Question: How do I register?

Answer: To register with us, simply click on the provided link and complete our online application. Alternatively, you can register by calling us or sending an email. During the registration process, specify who referred you and provide your name, contact details, and attachments of your AZ Medical Marijuana card and identification (driver’s license, state ID, or passport) to confirm your age of 21 or older. Set a username and password, and indicate your preferred means of communication—text, email, or phone. Upon successful registration, you’ll receive an email notification. If additional information is needed, we’ll reach out to you. Upon acceptance as a new member, you’ll receive notifications via email, text, and/or phone call, signaling that you’re ready to place orders. Click to start the registration process.

Question: How do I pay for my order?

Answer: Our payment process is designed for your convenience, offering a quick and easy experience. We are currently a cash only establishment. When placing an online order, you will be provided with an estimated total. Please be sure to have cash ready for your driver available.

Question: “How quickly can I become a member?

Answer: At Kurve Delivery, we operate as a private delivery service, ensuring our exclusive products are consistently in demand. While our aim is to provide extraordinary and top-quality medicines, working with private reserves means availability may vary. Nevertheless, our commitment is to onboard every member as swiftly as possible.”

Question: “Do I need a medical card to make online purchases?

Answer: Yes, presently, you must possess a valid Arizona Medical Marijuana License to place a delivery order. However, upcoming changes will make all our retail shops recreational (21+), and we will keep you posted as rules and regulations develop. If you don’t currently have an Arizona Medical Marijuana license and need help finding a doctor, our concierge service is available; click to contact them. Once you obtain your medical recommendation through our referral, inform us, and we will credit your account with $100.”

Question: How old do I need to be in order to buy cannabis online?

Answer: You must be 21 years of age or older in order to shop at Kurve Delivery. If you are a new member, you will be prompted to register. You will also be required to present your ID to the delivery driver or concierge at curbside pickup.

Question: “How can I find a specific product online?

Answer: To find a specific product, click on ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Shop Categories’ on the homepage. The hamburger menu bar in the top right corner of every page will also lead you to our shopping page. Explore items, add them to your cart, and easily navigate between checkout and shopping by clicking ‘Shop Now’ again. You can browse by category, A-Z, Z-A, and sort by price from highest to lowest or lowest to highest. Search for products or brands by name and discover tailored bundles. With your information already entered during registration, checking out should be a seamless process when you’re ready.”

Question: Can you help me choose a product?

Answer: We are always happy to help you choose a product. If you would like to speak with one of our virtual concierges to ask for a product recommendation, contact Kurve Delivery member support by you calling 602-419-5798 or click Contact us by scrolling down to the menu bar on the footer of the screen and clicking Contact We are available between the hours of 8AM and 8PM.

Question: “How do I Check Out?

Answer: Simply click on the Cart at the top of the page to review your selected items, then proceed to checkout. Before placing your order, ensure you’ve read and agreed to the terms and conditions by checking the designated box. Please note that all transactions are currently cash-only, eliminating the need for credit card information. Upon placing your order, you’ll receive a confirmation email detailing your choices. Shortly after, we’ll reach out to discuss available delivery windows, allowing you to indicate your preferred time.”

Question: Is there a max amount on the first order?

Answer: Yes, on your first delivery order you cannot spend more than $300. This limit is only on your first order.

Question: What are your delivery fees:

Delivery Fees:

 Regular Delivery Fee: $20 in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area (equal to or less than a 25-mile radius to our shop) (restrictions apply; refer to locations and zip codes for regular delivery pricing).

 Reduced Delivery Fee: $10 in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area (equal to or less than a 25-mile radius to our shop)(restrictions apply; refer to locations and zip codes for regular delivery pricing).

 Contact us by clicking here to get delivery fees outside of the Phoenix Metropolitan area (greater than a 25-mile radius to our shop).

 Minimum Delivery Amount:

 $100 in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area (equal to or less than a 25-mile radius to our shop).

 $300 outside of the Phoenix Metropolitan area (greater than a 25-mile radius to our shop).

 Platinum Member Benefits:

 Platinum members enjoy a reduced minimum delivery requirement of $50 within the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area (equal to or less than a 25-mile radius to our shop).

 Platinum members benefit from a reduced minimum delivery requirement of $150 outside of the Phoenix Metropolitan area (greater than a 25-mile radius to our shop).

Additional Charges:

Outside the central 5-mile radius, an additional $3 surcharge is incurred for every 5 miles traveled.

 Free delivery for orders over $399.00 (restrictions apply; check locations and zip codes for free delivery options).

Special Considerations:

Delivery fees may be subject to increase during high traffic times.

Look at our delivery page and map to find your zip code and delivery minimum requirements.

Question: “How can I confirm that my online order was received?

Answer:  Upon successfully placing your order, you will receive an email notification acknowledging the receipt of your order. Shortly afterward, you will be informed about the delivery details. For additional updates, you can check the status of your order by visiting My Account → Orders. Once your order is assigned to a driver, you will have the option to get in touch with them directly.”

Question: What information should I receive with every completed online order?

Answer: Each order is accompanied by an electronic invoice, detailing all items by name, strain, weight, batch number, and harvest date. Additionally, an electronic patient education packet containing AZDHS License information is sent in a separate document. To access a PDF copy of the invoice, you can visit My Account → Orders and review past order details. Lab testing results are conveniently located in each electronic product profile, accessible through QR codes in the product gallery. By pointing your mobile phone’s camera at these QR codes and clicking the link, you will be directed to test results for all items listed on your invoice.”

Question: How long does a typical delivery take?

Answer: On average, you can expect to receive your medications the same day you place your order, ensuring swift service. Orders made after 8:00 PM will be thoughtfully scheduled for the
following day to maintain our commitment to prompt delivery.

Question: How will I know my order is on its way?

Answer: Your dedicated Delivery Concierge is promptly dispatched to ensure the soonest delivery time possible, and to enhance your convenience, we ensure members receive email, text, and/or phone notifications, allowing you to easily verify and stay updated on your delivery’s estimated arrival time.

Question: Can I schedule a specific time for delivery?

Answer: Yes, Member will get a notification informing them of the specific available delivery times and days available and they can choose from a list of delivery times and dates. We may reach out after you place your order to confirm your delivery time. Once the order is packed and out for delivery the member will get a notification that their order has been packed and is out for delivery with a verified or updated delivery time.

 Question: Can I arrange a specific delivery time and/or day?

Answer:  Absolutely! Members will receive a notification presenting available delivery times and days, allowing them to choose from a list of options. We may even reach out after your order is placed to confirm the selected delivery time. Once the order is packed and out for delivery, the member will get a notification with a verified and updated delivery time.

Question: “How will I be informed when my curbside pickup order is ready?

Answer: As the delivery driver arrives, they will double-check the member’s patient allocation, and upon confirmation, discreetly contact the member when they are out front. Once it’s verified that the member is at home, the driver will proceed to the front door. For the convenience of the delivery driver, we kindly request members to turn on their front lights when possible.”

Question: “How does the concierge process unfold when my concierge arrives at my home?

Answer: Our diligent concierge follows a meticulous checklist upon reaching your doorstep. They triple-check product verification and coinage to guarantee the accuracy of your order. Payment is handed over to the driver by the member, and the driver ensures that the amounts are correct before stepping away. Members are encouraged to seek suggestions, and concierges are dedicated to providing essential product information and education, embodying our commitment to delivering a thorough and personalized experience.”

Question:  “Will the driver request additional information upon reaching my door?

Answer:  Yes, the delivery driver is required to obtain a signature, printed name, a duplicate copy of all paperwork, and record the drop-off time to release your medicines. Presenting your ID is mandatory to verify your identity at the time of release. First-time orders come with a Kurve Delivery Membership ID Card.”

Question: Will I receive compliant paperwork?

Answer: We are state-licensed, meticulously vet all laws, and furnish you with verifiable credentials and compliant invoice information, ensuring a transparent and trustworthy service.

Question: How can I be sure service will be discreet?

Answer:  Our private membership service prioritizes stringent security measures and utmost discretion to safeguard your personal information and ensure your privacy remains protected.

Question: How has your service been vetted for safety and legal compliance?

Answer: We operate with full state licensing, rigorously vetting and adhering to all applicable laws to provide you with a legally compliant and trusted service. For the safety and peace of mind of our valued clients, all our delivery drivers undergo a rigorous federal criminal background check, ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of security and trustworthiness. We have a meticulous training session with all our concierge so they are all have knowledge and experience in their understanding of their products. We make sure that you can rely on us to deliver 100% quality meds to your door.

Question: How will my order be packed

Answer: Each order is meticulously hand-packed in a discreet package, guaranteeing the utmost confidentiality and discretion throughout the delivery process.

 Question: What if there’s something I forget?

Answer: Your concierge drivers are equipped with all the tools of the trade, so if you forget something, rest assured we’ve got your back, and we pride ourselves on finding solutions to
every challenge. They always travel with a route slip, delivery instructions and detailed order information. Each concierge goes through thorough delivery checklist before each run, to make sure they have the proper supplies for a delivery: a computer, wireless hotspot, battery backup, GPS Tracking Device, pens, scales, gloves, masks, extra batteries, extra scale, calculator, tongs,
jars, packaging, extra batteries, smoking accessories, etc.  

Question: What will my first visit from my concierge be like?

Answer: At the inception of our partnership, we take great pride in presenting our members with a thorough and precise information. Alongside this gesture, we provide a comprehensive explanation of our
membership program and introduce you to our top-shelf products, which are crafted from original genetics, grown organically, meticulously flushed of residual nutrients, perfectly cured, and hand-trimmed with the utmost care. Our commitment extends beyond the transaction; we act as a guiding partner for our members throughout the entire process, from A to Z. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our members, fostering a secure environment while also connecting you with a network of knowledgeable and informed individuals who share our passion for quality and legality.

Question: How do rewards work:

Answer: Please see our rewards page

Question: How can we share feedback and/or contact member support?

Answer: Feedback is of paramount importance to us, and our concierge is dedicated to consistently reaffirming your preferences for the ideal medical marijuana delivery club. Additionally, we keep our members informed and engaged through club newsletters, email blasts when future reserve strains become available, and exclusive discounts or deals, ensuring you stay connected and up-to-date with the latest offerings and opportunities. If you ever need to reach us directly, please don’t
hesitate to call us at 602-419-5798 or send an email to, and our team will be
readily available to assist you. You can contact Kurve Delivery member support by scrolling down to the menu bar on the footer of the screen and clicking contact us. We are available between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM.

Question: What is your return, refund, and exchange policy?

Answer: To facilitate a return, members have 2 options. Members can bring the product back to our home location. Alternatively, they can opt to place another order within the 14-day window, during which we will both deliver any new products and return and credit any eligible products. For further assistance, members can contact Kurve Delivery member support by clicking ‘Contact Us’ in the menu bar at the screen’s footer. Our support team is available from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Please refer to our detailed return policy outlined in our terms and conditions page at”


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